New Episode Guide

Sunday 15th of January 2017
Homeland Fair Game S06 - Ep01
The Librarians (2014) And the Fatal Separation S03 - Ep09
Sherlock The Final Problem S04 - Ep03
Elementary Crowned Clown, Downtown Brown S05 - Ep12
Family Guy Gronkowsbees S15 - Ep11
NCIS: Los Angeles Hot Water S08 - Ep13
Conviction (2016) Enemy Combatant S01 - Ep12
The Simpsons The Great Phatsby (1) S28 - Ep12
The Simpsons The Great Phatsby (2) S28 - Ep13
Monday 16th of January 2017
Supergirl S02 - Ep15
Lucifer Stewardess Interruptus S02 - Ep11
Timeless (2016) TBA S01 - Ep11
Timeless (2016) S01 - Ep11
Timeless (2016) The World's Columbian Exposition S01 - Ep11
Gotham Mad City: Ghosts S03 - Ep12
Shadowhunters Parabatai Lost S02 - Ep03
2 Broke Girls And the Stalking Dead S06 - Ep13
Conan (2010) Fred Armisen, Van Jones, Drive-By Truckers S07 - Ep30
Silent Witness Remembrance (1) S20 - Ep05
The Daily Show David Fahrenthold & Bryshere Gray S22 - Ep47
The Bachelor Episode 3 S21 - Ep03
Tuesday 17th of January 2017
The Flash (2014) S03 - Ep16
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The Patriot S04 - Ep10
Bones The New Tricks in the Old Dogs S12 - Ep03
New Girl Cece's Boys S06 - Ep13
The Middle Pitch Imperfect S08 - Ep12
NCIS Off the Grid S14 - Ep12
The Daily Show John Zimmer S22 - Ep48
Conan (2010) Kathy Griffin, Michael Lewis, Johnny Swim S07 - Ep31
Wednesday 18th of January 2017
Arrow S05 - Ep16
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Decline and Fall S18 - Ep09
Vikings Revenge S04 - Ep18
Silent Witness Remembrance (2) S20 - Ep06
The Daily Show Samantha Power S22 - Ep49
Blindspot Devil Never Even Lived S02 - Ep12
Lethal Weapon Brotherly Love S01 - Ep12
Conan (2010) Ted Danson, Gad Elmaleh, Josh Abbott Band S07 - Ep32
Thursday 19th of January 2017
Con Man Episode 13 S02 - Ep13
The Blacklist The Harem S04 - Ep11
The Big Bang Theory The Romance Recalibration S10 - Ep13
The Good Place Mindy St. Claire S01 - Ep12
The Good Place Michael's Gambit S01 - Ep13
Mom Good Karma and the Big Weird S04 - Ep11
Conan (2010) Andrew Dice Clay, Billy Wayne Davis S07 - Ep33
The Great Indoors Mason Blows Up S01 - Ep11
The Daily Show Scott Conroy & James McAvoy S22 - Ep50
Friday 20th of January 2017
Grimm Oh Captain, My Captain S06 - Ep03
The Vampire Diaries The Simple Intimacy of the Near Touch S08 - Ep09
QI Naval Navigation S14 - Ep13
Con Man Episode 9 S02 - Ep09
Con Man Episode 10 S02 - Ep10
Not Going Out Babysitting S08 - Ep02
Emerald City Science and Magic S01 - Ep04
Sleepy Hollow Heads of State S04 - Ep03
The Daily Show The Trump Inauguration 2016: The Celebrity Appresident S22 - Ep51
Hawaii Five-0 Ka laina ma ke one S07 - Ep14
Saturday 21st of January 2017
Stranger Things S03 - Ep01
Sunday 22nd of January 2017
Homeland The Man in the Basement S06 - Ep02
The Librarians (2014) And the Wrath of Chaos S03 - Ep10
Monday 23rd of January 2017
Supergirl S02 - Ep16
Lucifer Love Handles S02 - Ep12
Gotham Mad City: Smile Like You Mean It S03 - Ep13
Supergirl S02 - Ep10
Supergirl Supergirl Lives S02 - Ep09
Shadowhunters Day of Wrath S02 - Ep04
2 Broke Girls And the Emergency Contractor S06 - Ep14
The Daily Show Episode 52 S22 - Ep52
Timeless (2016) The Murder of Jesse James S01 - Ep12
Silent Witness Covenant (1) S20 - Ep07
The Bachelor Episode 4 S21 - Ep04
Tuesday 24th of January 2017
The Flash (2014) S03 - Ep17
DC's Legends of Tomorrow Raiders of the Lost Art S02 - Ep09
The Flash (2014) S03 - Ep10
The Flash (2014) Borrowing Problems from the Future S03 - Ep10
NCIS Keep Going S14 - Ep13
Bones The Price for the Past S12 - Ep04
New Girl The Hike S06 - Ep14
The Daily Show Episode 53 S22 - Ep53
Silent Witness Covenant (2) S20 - Ep08
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Wake Up S04 - Ep11
Wednesday 25th of January 2017
Arrow S05 - Ep17
Arrow Who Are You? S05 - Ep10
Suits She's Gone S06 - Ep11
The Magicians (2015) Night of Crowns S02 - Ep01
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit No Surrender S18 - Ep10
Vikings On the Eve S04 - Ep19
The Daily Show Episode 54 S22 - Ep54
Lethal Weapon The Seal Is Broken S01 - Ep13
Thursday 26th of January 2017
Grey's Anatomy You Can Look (But You'd Better Not Touch) S13 - Ep10
Supernatural First Blood S12 - Ep09
The Daily Show Episode 55 S22 - Ep55
Friday 27th of January 2017
Grimm El Cuegle S06 - Ep04
QI Numbers S14 - Ep14
Con Man Episode 11 S02 - Ep11
Con Man Episode 12 S02 - Ep12
Shark Tank Episode 14 S08 - Ep14
Emerald City Everybody Lies S01 - Ep05
Sleepy Hollow The People vs. Ichabod Crane S04 - Ep04
The Vampire Diaries Nostalgia's a Bitch S08 - Ep10
Sunday 29th of January 2017
Homeland The Covenant S06 - Ep03
Black Sails S04 - Ep01
Elementary Over a Barrel S05 - Ep13
NCIS: Los Angeles Under Siege S08 - Ep14
Conviction (2016) Past, Prologue & What's to Come S01 - Ep13
Monday 30th of January 2017
Supergirl S02 - Ep17
Lucifer A Good Day to Die S02 - Ep13
Supergirl S02 - Ep11
Shadowhunters Dust and Shadows S02 - Ep05
Gotham Mad City: The Gentle Art of Making Enemies S03 - Ep14
Supergirl We Can Be Heroes S02 - Ep10
Timeless (2016) Episode 13 S01 - Ep13
The Daily Show Episode 56 S22 - Ep56
Timeless (2016) Karma Chameleon S01 - Ep13
The Bachelor Episode 5 S21 - Ep05
Silent Witness Awakening (1) S20 - Ep09
Tuesday 31st of January 2017
The Flash (2014) S03 - Ep18
Bones The Tutor in the Tussle S12 - Ep05
DC's Legends of Tomorrow The Legion of Doom S02 - Ep10
The Flash (2014) Dead or Alive S03 - Ep11
The Daily Show Episode 57 S22 - Ep57
Silent Witness Awakening (2) S20 - Ep10
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Hot Potato Soup S04 - Ep12
Wednesday 1st of February 2017
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Motherly Love S18 - Ep11
Arrow S05 - Ep18
The 100 Echoes S04 - Ep01
Criminal Minds Surface Tension S12 - Ep11
Vikings The Reckoning S04 - Ep20
Arrow Second Chances S05 - Ep11
The Magicians (2015) Hotel Spa Potions S02 - Ep02
The Daily Show Episode 58 S22 - Ep58
The Goldbergs (2013) TBA S04 - Ep13
Thursday 2nd of February 2017
Powerless Wayne or Lose S01 - Ep01
The Blacklist Natalie Luca S04 - Ep12
Grey's Anatomy Jukebox Hero S13 - Ep11
The Big Bang Theory The Emotion Detection Automation S10 - Ep14
The Daily Show Episode 59 S22 - Ep59
Supernatural Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets S12 - Ep10
Friday 3rd of February 2017
Grimm The Seven Year Itch S06 - Ep05
QI Next S14 - Ep15
Emerald City Beautiful Wickedness S01 - Ep06
Shark Tank Episode 15 S08 - Ep15
Not Going Out Car S08 - Ep03
Sleepy Hollow Blood from a Stone S04 - Ep05
Hawaii Five-0 Ka Pa'ani Nui S07 - Ep15
The Vampire Diaries You Made a Choice to Be Good S08 - Ep11
Sunday 5th of February 2017
Homeland A Flash of Light S06 - Ep04
Monday 6th of February 2017
Supergirl S02 - Ep12
Supergirl S02 - Ep11
Timeless (2016) Episode 14 S01 - Ep14
2 Broke Girls And the Master Dingle S06 - Ep15
Shadowhunters Iron Sisters S02 - Ep06
The Daily Show Episode 60 S22 - Ep60
Tuesday 7th of February 2017
The Flash (2014) S03 - Ep12
The Flash (2014) S03 - Ep19
Bones The Flaw in the Saw S12 - Ep06
DC's Legends of Tomorrow Turncoat S02 - Ep11
The Flash (2014) Episode #3.13 S03 - Ep13
New Girl Glue S06 - Ep15
The Daily Show Episode 61 S22 - Ep61
NCIS Nonstop S14 - Ep14
Wednesday 8th of February 2017
Blindspot S02 - Ep13
The 100 Heavy Lies the Crown S04 - Ep02
The Magicians (2015) Divine Elimination S02 - Ep03
Modern Family Do It Yourself S08 - Ep12
The Daily Show Episode 62 S22 - Ep62
Criminal Minds A Good Husband S12 - Ep12
Thursday 9th of February 2017
Powerless Office Break S01 - Ep02
Vikings Esta serie es pura bazofia, Juego de Tronos le da mil vueltas S04 - Ep21
Grey's Anatomy None of Your Business S13 - Ep12
The Daily Show Episode 63 S22 - Ep63
Friday 10th of February 2017
QI New S14 - Ep16
Grimm Breakfast in Bed S06 - Ep06
Emerald City They Came First S01 - Ep07
Not Going Out Hot Tub S08 - Ep04
Sunday 12th of February 2017
Homeland Casus Belli S06 - Ep05
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Episode 90 S04 - Ep01
The Walking Dead S07 - Ep09
Family Guy S15 - Ep12
The Simpsons S28 - Ep14
Monday 13th of February 2017
The Walking Dead S07 - Ep09
Timeless (2016) Episode 15 S01 - Ep15
Shadowhunters How Are Thous Fallen S02 - Ep07
Timeless (2016) Public Enemy No. 1. S01 - Ep15
Tuesday 14th of February 2017
The Flash (2014) S03 - Ep20
Bones S12 - Ep07
DC's Legends of Tomorrow Camelot/3000 S02 - Ep12
The Flash (2014) Episode #3.14 S03 - Ep14
NCIS Pandora's Box (1) S14 - Ep15
Wednesday 15th of February 2017
Arrow S05 - Ep20
Criminal Minds Spencer S12 - Ep13
The 100 The Four Horsemen S04 - Ep03
Arrow Spectre of the Gun S05 - Ep13
Thursday 16th of February 2017
Powerless Episode 3 S01 - Ep03
Vikings Daenerys, Jon y Tyrion le dan mil vueltas a Ragnar y demás tontos-vikingos S04 - Ep22