New Episode Guide

Thursday 23rd of February 2017
The Big Bang Theory The Comic-Con Conundrum S10 - Ep17
Powerless Episode 4 S01 - Ep04
The Blacklist: Redemption Leland Bray S01 - Ep01
Grey's Anatomy Back Where You Belong S13 - Ep14
The Blacklist The Apothecary S04 - Ep15
Supernatural Family Feud S12 - Ep13
The Daily Show This Land Is His Land S00 - Ep41
Mom Night Swimmin' and an English Muffin S04 - Ep15
The Great Indoors Friends Like These S01 - Ep14
Powerless Emily Dates a Henchman S01 - Ep04
Friday 24th of February 2017
QI VG: Part Two S14 - Ep18
Grimm The Son Also Rises S06 - Ep08
Emerald City The Villain That's Become S01 - Ep09
Not Going Out Marriage Guidance S08 - Ep06
The Vampire Diaries Rotita y Critina son unas divas de mieda S08 - Ep14
The Vampire Diaries It's Been a Hell of a Ride S08 - Ep14
Shark Tank Sand Cloud, Ora Organic, DARTdrones, The Elephant Pants S08 - Ep18
Hawaii Five-0 E mālama pono S07 - Ep18
Sleepy Hollow Sick Burn S04 - Ep08
Saturday 25th of February 2017
Vikings Juego de tronos es mil veces mejor S2147483647 - Ep02
Sunday 26th of February 2017
Homeland The Return S06 - Ep06
The Walking Dead Hostiles and Calamities S07 - Ep11
Elementary Episode #15 S05 - Ep15
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Episode 92 S04 - Ep03
Vikings Falling Out S04 - Ep22
NCIS: Los Angeles Old Tricks S08 - Ep16
Black Sails XXXIII S04 - Ep05
NCIS: Los Angeles Queen Pin S08 - Ep17
Monday 27th of February 2017
The Walking Dead S07 - Ep11
The Flash (2014) Episode #3.15 S03 - Ep15
Taken (2017) Pilot S01 - Ep01
Shadowhunters Bound by Blood S02 - Ep09
Supergirl Homecoming S02 - Ep14
The Daily Show John Oliver S22 - Ep68
2 Broke Girls And the Dad Day Afternoon S06 - Ep18
I Live With Models The Twofer S02 - Ep04
Cold Case Files S06 - Ep01
The Bachelor Week 9 S21 - Ep09
Conan (2010) Adam Scott, Génesis Rodríguez S07 - Ep49
Tuesday 28th of February 2017
The Flash (2014) S03 - Ep22
The Flash (2014) Attack on Central City (2) S03 - Ep14
The Daily Show Run the Jewels S22 - Ep69
New Girl Young Adult S06 - Ep18
Conan (2010) Martin Short, Natalie Zea, The Pretty Reckless S07 - Ep50
Wednesday 1st of March 2017
Criminal Minds Alpha Male S12 - Ep15
The 100 The Tinder Box S04 - Ep05
Legion Chapter 4 S01 - Ep04
Arrow Fighting Fire with Fire S05 - Ep15
Suits Goddamn S06 - Ep16
The Daily Show Jake Tapper S22 - Ep70
Modern Family Finding Fizbo S08 - Ep15
Legion Chapter 4 S01 - Ep04
The Magicians (2015) The Cock Barrens S02 - Ep06
Suits Character and Fitness S06 - Ep16
Conan (2010) Conan Without Borders: Made In Mexico S07 - Ep51
Conan (2010) Mandy Moore, Jimmy Pardo, Chris Lane S07 - Ep52
Thursday 2nd of March 2017
Powerless Episode 5 S01 - Ep05
Vikings Writer's Block S04 - Ep23
Grey's Anatomy Civil War S13 - Ep15
The Daily Show Patrick Stewart S22 - Ep71
Supernatural The Raid S12 - Ep14
The Blacklist: Redemption Kevin Jensen S01 - Ep02
The Great Indoors Relationship Jack S01 - Ep15
Conan (2010) Lisa Kudrow, Justin Bartha, The Strumbellas S07 - Ep53
Friday 3rd of March 2017
Grimm Tree People S06 - Ep09
Emerald City No Place Like Home S01 - Ep10
Not Going Out Enough S08 - Ep07
The Vampire Diaries S08 - Ep15
The Vampire Diaries We're Planning a June Wedding S08 - Ep15
Shark Tank Episode 19 S08 - Ep19
Sleepy Hollow Child's Play S04 - Ep09
Saturday 4th of March 2017
Vikings Los vikingos deberían ser devorados por Drogon S2147483647 - Ep04
Sunday 5th of March 2017
Homeland Imminent Risk S06 - Ep07
Homeland S06 - Ep08
Once Upon a Time (2011) Tougher Than the Rest S06 - Ep11
The Walking Dead Say Yes S07 - Ep12
Black Sails XXXIV S04 - Ep06
Elementary Episode #16 S05 - Ep16
Top Gear S24 - Ep01
The Simpsons Kamp Krustier S28 - Ep16
Family Guy The Dating Game S15 - Ep14
Elementary TBA S05 - Ep15
Elementary Wrong Side of the Road (1) S05 - Ep15
Monday 6th of March 2017
Supergirl S02 - Ep22
The Walking Dead S07 - Ep12
The Flash (2014) Episode #3.16 S03 - Ep16
Shadowhunters By the Light of Dawn S02 - Ep10
Supergirl Exodus S02 - Ep15
Taken (2017) Ready S01 - Ep02
I Live With Models Don't Hit On Molly S02 - Ep05
The Bachelor Week 10 S21 - Ep10
The Daily Show Episode 72 S22 - Ep72
Tuesday 7th of March 2017
The Flash (2014) S03 - Ep23
Bones The Steel in the Wheels S12 - Ep09
DC's Legends of Tomorrow Land of the Lost S02 - Ep13
The Flash (2014) The Wrath of Savitar S03 - Ep15
NCIS What Lies Above S14 - Ep17
The Daily Show Episode 73 S22 - Ep73
The Middle Swing and a Miss S08 - Ep16
Wednesday 8th of March 2017
Arrow S05 - Ep23
Survivor The Stakes Have Been Raised S34 - Ep01
Designated Survivor Warriors S01 - Ep11
Legion Chapter 5 S01 - Ep05
Legion Chapter 5 S01 - Ep05
Lethal Weapon A Problem Like Maria S01 - Ep17
The Magicians (2015) Plan B S02 - Ep07
The Daily Show Episode 74 S22 - Ep74
Modern Family Basketball S08 - Ep16
Thursday 9th of March 2017
Powerless Episode 6 S01 - Ep06
The Blacklist: Redemption Independence, U.S.A. S01 - Ep03
The Blacklist: Redemption S01 - Ep03
The Blacklist: Redemption S01 - Ep03
Vikings Sale Jorah Mormont follando con Daenerys S04 - Ep24
Powerless Cold Season S01 - Ep05
The Blacklist: Redemption S01 - Ep03
The Big Bang Theory The Escape Hatch Identification S10 - Ep18
The Great Indoors Cubicles S01 - Ep16
Mom Martini's and a Sponge Bath S04 - Ep16
Supernatural Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell S12 - Ep15
The Daily Show Episode 75 S22 - Ep75
Friday 10th of March 2017
The Vampire Diaries TBA S08 - Ep16
Grimm Blood Magic S06 - Ep10
The Vampire Diaries S08 - Ep16
Not Going Out Episode 8 S08 - Ep08
The Vampire Diaries I Was Feeling Epic S08 - Ep16
Sleepy Hollow Insatiable S04 - Ep10
Hawaii Five-0 Puka 'ana S07 - Ep19
Saturday 11th of March 2017
Vikings Los vikingos deberían ser quemados por Drogon S2147483647 - Ep05
Sunday 12th of March 2017
Homeland S06 - Ep09
Once Upon a Time (2011) Murder Most Foul S06 - Ep12
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Episode 94 S04 - Ep05
Homeland Alt.Truth S06 - Ep08
Black Sails XXXV S04 - Ep07
Elementary Episode #17 S05 - Ep17
The Walking Dead Bury Me Here S07 - Ep13
Family Guy Cop and a Half-wit S15 - Ep15
The Simpsons 22 for 30 S28 - Ep17
Elementary Fidelity (2) S05 - Ep16
Monday 13th of March 2017
The Walking Dead S07 - Ep13
The Flash (2014) Episode #3.17 S03 - Ep17
Baby Daddy To Elle and Back S06 - Ep01
Supergirl S02 - Ep16
Taken (2017) Off Side S01 - Ep03
I Live With Models S02 - Ep06
2 Broke Girls And The Baby and Stuff S06 - Ep19
The Daily Show Episode 76 S22 - Ep76
Tuesday 14th of March 2017
Bones The Radioactive Panthers in the Party S12 - Ep10
Bones S12 - Ep11
DC's Legends of Tomorrow Moonshot S02 - Ep14
The Flash (2014) Into the Speed Force S03 - Ep16
NCIS M.I.A. S14 - Ep18
The Daily Show Episode 77 S22 - Ep77
New Girl Socalyalcon VI S06 - Ep19
Wednesday 15th of March 2017
Lethal Weapon S01 - Ep18
Arrow Checkmate S05 - Ep16
The 100 We Will Rise S04 - Ep06
Legion Chapter 6 S01 - Ep06
Legion Chapter 6 S01 - Ep06
Lethal Weapon Commencement S01 - Ep18
The Magicians (2015) Word As Bond S02 - Ep08
Designated Survivor S01 - Ep12
The Daily Show Episode 78 S22 - Ep78
Criminal Minds Assistance Is Futile S12 - Ep16
Thursday 16th of March 2017
The Blacklist: Redemption S01 - Ep04
Powerless Van of the Year S01 - Ep06
The Blacklist: Redemption Operation Davenport S01 - Ep04
The Daily Show Episode 79 S22 - Ep79
Friday 17th of March 2017
The Originals Gather Up The Killers S04 - Ep01
Marvel's Iron Fist Snow Gives Way S01 - Ep01
Grimm Where the Wild Things Were S06 - Ep11
The Vampire Diaries S08 - Ep17
Marvel's Iron Fist S01 - Ep12
Marvel's Iron Fist Shadow Hawk Takes Flight S01 - Ep02
Marvel's Iron Fist Rolling Thunder Cannon Punch S01 - Ep03
Marvel's Iron Fist Eight Diagram Dragon Palm S01 - Ep04
Marvel's Iron Fist Under Leaf Pluck Lotus S01 - Ep05
Marvel's Iron Fist Immortal Emerges from Cave S01 - Ep06
Marvel's Iron Fist Felling with Tree Routes S01 - Ep07
Marvel's Iron Fist The Blessing of Many Fractures S01 - Ep08
Marvel's Iron Fist The Mistress of All Agonies S01 - Ep09
Marvel's Iron Fist S01 - Ep10
Marvel's Iron Fist Lead Horse Back to Stable S01 - Ep11
Marvel's Iron Fist Dragon Plays with Fire S01 - Ep13
Shark Tank Episode 20 S08 - Ep20
Sleepy Hollow The Way of the Gun S04 - Ep11
Sunday 19th of March 2017
Homeland S06 - Ep10
Once Upon a Time (2011) Ill-Boding Patterns S06 - Ep13
Homeland Sock Puppets S06 - Ep09
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Episode 95 S04 - Ep06
Black Sails XXXVI S04 - Ep08
Elementary Episode #18 S05 - Ep18
The Walking Dead S07 - Ep14
The Walking Dead S07 - Ep14
The Simpsons A Father's Watch S28 - Ep18
Family Guy Saturated Fat Guy S15 - Ep16
Elementary The Ballad of Lady Frances S05 - Ep17
Monday 20th of March 2017
The Walking Dead S07 - Ep14
The Flash (2014) Episode #3.18 S03 - Ep18
Supergirl Duet (1) S02 - Ep17
Taken (2017) Mattie G. S01 - Ep04
I Live With Models S02 - Ep07
The Daily Show Episode 80 S22 - Ep80
Tuesday 21st of March 2017
Bones S12 - Ep12
DC's Legends of Tomorrow Fellowship of the Spear S02 - Ep15
The Flash (2014) Duet S03 - Ep17
The Flash (2014) Duet (2) S03 - Ep17
Bones The Day in the Life S12 - Ep11
The Daily Show Episode 81 S22 - Ep81
Wednesday 22nd of March 2017
Arrow Episode 18 S05 - Ep18
Arrow Kapot S05 - Ep17
Arrow S05 - Ep18
Legion Chapter 7 S01 - Ep07
Legion Chapter 7 S01 - Ep07
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit TBA S18 - Ep13
The Magicians (2015) Lesser Evils S02 - Ep09
The Daily Show Episode 82 S22 - Ep82
Blindspot S02 - Ep16
Thursday 23rd of March 2017
Vikings Tyrion Lannister también es un Targaryen S04 - Ep26
The Daily Show Episode 83 S22 - Ep83
Friday 24th of March 2017
Grimm Zerstörer Shrugged S06 - Ep12
The Originals S04 - Ep02
The Vampire Diaries Esta serie solo la ven las mojabragas y la ven porque los actores son guapos no por el argumento de la serie. S08 - Ep18
Sunday 26th of March 2017
Homeland S06 - Ep11
Once Upon a Time (2011) Page 23 S06 - Ep14
Homeland The Flag House S06 - Ep10
Black Sails XXXVII S04 - Ep09
Elementary Episode #19 S05 - Ep19
The Walking Dead S07 - Ep15
The Walking Dead S07 - Ep15
Monday 27th of March 2017
The Walking Dead S07 - Ep15
The Flash (2014) Episode #3.19 S03 - Ep19
Supergirl S02 - Ep18
Taken (2017) A Clockwork Swiss S01 - Ep05
I Live With Models S02 - Ep08
The Daily Show Episode 84 S22 - Ep84