New Episode Guide

Friday 19th of December 2014
QI Lumped Together S12 - Ep11
Not Going Out Lucy S07 - Ep09
Late Show with David Letterman Jay Thomas, Josh Brolin, Darlene Love S22 - Ep61
Sunday 21st of December 2014
The Mentalist Black Market S07 - Ep04
Homeland S04 - Ep12
Homeland Long Time Coming S04 - Ep12
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Angle of Attack S15 - Ep11
Lost Girl Big in Japan S05 - Ep03
Monday 22nd of December 2014
Anger Management Charlie and the 100th Episode S02 - Ep90
Anger Management Charlie and the Sexy Swing Vote S02 - Ep89
Mike & Molly 'Tis the Season to Be Molly S05 - Ep03
Tuesday 23rd of December 2014
The Flash (2014) TBA S01 - Ep12
Wednesday 24th of December 2014
Not Going Out Christmas Special S07 - Ep10
Thursday 25th of December 2014
Doctor Who (2005) S08 - Ep00
QI Christmas Special: No L S12 - Ep12
Doctor Who (2005) Last Christmas S00 - Ep142
Saturday 27th of December 2014
Top Gear Patagonia Special (1) S00 - Ep68
Not Going Out The Outtakes S07 - Ep11
Sunday 28th of December 2014
The Mentalist Silver Briefcase S07 - Ep05
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Dead Woods S15 - Ep12
Top Gear Patagonia Special (2) S00 - Ep69
Lost Girl When God Opens a Window... S05 - Ep04
Monday 29th of December 2014
Mike & Molly Gone Cheatin' S05 - Ep04
Thursday 1st of January 2015
A to Z J Is for Jan Vaughan S01 - Ep10
Friday 2nd of January 2015
QI Lucky Losers S12 - Ep13
Hawaii Five-0 Wāwahi moe'uhane S05 - Ep10
Sunday 4th of January 2015
The Simpsons The Man Who Came to Be Dinner S26 - Ep10
The Good Wife Hail Mary S06 - Ep11
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Beach House S02 - Ep12
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation The Greater Good S15 - Ep13
Revenge Epitaph S04 - Ep11
Resurrection Prophecy S02 - Ep10
Monday 5th of January 2015
The Following Season Premiere S03 - Ep01
Sleepy Hollow Paradise Lost S02 - Ep12
The Bachelor Week 1 S19 - Ep01
2 Broke Girls And the Fun Factory S04 - Ep08
Gotham Rogue's Gallery S01 - Ep11
NCIS: Los Angeles Spiral S06 - Ep12
Mike & Molly S05 - Ep05
Tuesday 6th of January 2015
Cougar Town American Dream Plan B S06 - Ep01
Marvel's Agent Carter Now Is Not the End S01 - Ep01
Pretty Little Liars Through a Glass, Darkly S05 - Ep15
New Girl Ultimatum S04 - Ep12
New Girl Shark S04 - Ep12
Person of Interest If-Then-Else S04 - Ep11
Marvel's Agent Carter Bridge and Tunnel S01 - Ep02
NCIS Check S12 - Ep11
About a Boy About a Manniversary S02 - Ep09
Wednesday 7th of January 2015
The Mentalist Green Light S07 - Ep06
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Forgiving Rollins S16 - Ep10
American Horror Story Magical Thinking S04 - Ep11
Modern Family Closet? You'll Love It! S06 - Ep11
The Middle A Quarry Story S06 - Ep10
The Goldbergs (2013) DannyDonnieJoeJonJordan S02 - Ep10
Thursday 8th of January 2015
The Big Bang Theory TBA S08 - Ep08
A to Z K Is for Keep Out S01 - Ep11
Archer (2009) The Holdout S06 - Ep01
The Biggest Loser Kauai Part 2 S16 - Ep14
Mom Godzilla and a Sprig of Mint S02 - Ep09
The Big Bang Theory The Space Probe Disintegration S08 - Ep12
Elementary The Eternity Injection S03 - Ep09
Two and a Half Men Bouncy, Bouncy, Bouncy, Lyndsey S12 - Ep09
Friday 9th of January 2015
Glee Loser Like Me S06 - Ep01
QI Little and Large S12 - Ep14
Grimm Wesenrein S04 - Ep09
Glee Homecoming S06 - Ep02
Constantine The Saint of Last Resorts (2) S01 - Ep09
Hawaii Five-0 Ua 'aihue S05 - Ep11
Saturday 10th of January 2015
MythBusters The Simpsons Special S15 - Ep01
Sunday 11th of January 2015
The Simpsons The Musk Who Fell to Earth S26 - Ep11
House of Lies At the End of the Day, Reality Wins S04 - Ep01
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Merchants of Menace S15 - Ep14
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Payback S02 - Ep13
The Good Wife The Debate S06 - Ep12
Family Guy Our Idiot Brian S13 - Ep08
Monday 12th of January 2015
Castle (2009) Private Eye Caramba! S07 - Ep11
Gotham What the Little Bird Told Him S01 - Ep12
The Bachelor Week 2 S19 - Ep02
2 Broke Girls And the Past and the Furious S04 - Ep09
Tuesday 13th of January 2015
Cougar Town Full Grown Boy S06 - Ep02
Marvel's Agent Carter S01 - Ep03
New Girl Coming Out S04 - Ep13
Marvel's Agent Carter Time and Tide S01 - Ep03
Wednesday 14th of January 2015
The Mentalist Little Yellow House S07 - Ep07
Criminal Minds The Forever People S10 - Ep11
American Horror Story Show Stoppers S04 - Ep12
The Middle Pam Freakin' Staggs S06 - Ep11
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Agent Provacateur S16 - Ep11
The Goldbergs (2013) The Darryl Dawkins Dance S02 - Ep11
Thursday 15th of January 2015
Elementary Seed Money S03 - Ep10
A to Z S01 - Ep12
Bones The Teacher in the Books S10 - Ep12
Archer (2009) Three to Tango S06 - Ep02
Mom Nudes and a Six-Day Cleanse S02 - Ep10
Two and a Half Men Here I Come, Pants! S12 - Ep10
Friday 16th of January 2015
Glee Jagged Little Tapestry S06 - Ep03
QI Long Lost S12 - Ep15
12 Monkeys Pilot S01 - Ep01
Sunday 18th of January 2015
The Simpsons Bart's New Friend S26 - Ep12
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S15 - Ep15
House of Lies I'm a Motherfucking Scorpion, That's Why S04 - Ep02
Monday 19th of January 2015
Sleepy Hollow Pittura Infamante S02 - Ep13
The Originals Gonna Set Your Flag on Fire S02 - Ep10
Castle (2009) Private Eye Caramba! S07 - Ep12
Gotham S01 - Ep13
2 Broke Girls And the Move-In Meltdown S04 - Ep10
Tuesday 20th of January 2015
Supernatural TBA S10 - Ep10
The Flash (2014) TBA S01 - Ep10
The Flash (2014) Revenge of the Rogues S01 - Ep10
Marvel's Agent Carter S01 - Ep04
Cougar Town To Find a Friend S06 - Ep03
New Girl Swuit S04 - Ep14